Project Pipeline interactive map application

Project Pipeline interactive map application

The RTP will be implemented through the HATS project development process and the regular activities of HATS staff in coordination with various federal, state and local transportation planning agencies, other stakeholders and the general public. The project development process is initiated in response to an identified need in the transportation system. It covers a range of activities extending from identification of a project need to a finished set of contract and construction. The sequence of decisions made through the project development process progressively narrows the project focus and leads to a project that addresses the identified needs. There should be ample opportunities for public participation throughout the process. HATS staff will continue to work with local elected officials and business leaders that have an interest in the willingness to fund studies, programs and/or projects that will improve the transportation network in the region to supplement federal and state transportation funds.

The identified transportation need might include one or more of the following: a congestion problem, a safety concern, facility condition deterioration, a need for better multi-modal accommodation, an environmental enhancement or an economic improvement/development opportunity. The development of solutions to address these needs often involves input from transportation planners, community leaders, citizens, environmental specialists, landscape architects, natural resource agencies, local public works officials, permitting agencies, design engineers, financial managers and agency executives.

As the projects proceed through the project development process, scopes, schedules, costs and priorities are reviewed and adjusted and the RTP is updated and/or amended. Adjustments and amendments will continue to be made accordingly through the process.

Final implementation of the RTP projects occur through the four-year transportation improvement program (TIP), updated on a biennial cycle and modified on an as-needed basis, as agreed upon by formal HATS action. Major regional projects must be identified in the RTP to be eligible to receive federal transportation funds and included on the TIP for implementation. Thus, the TIP serves as a local capital investment plan for major transportation projects.




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